Sunday, 6 March 2011

NYC photos

Central Park birds

Christopher Wool
Untitled, 1991

Rivane Neuenschwander
Ze Carioca no.4, A Volta de Ze Carioca (1960).
Edicao historica, Ed. Abril
, 2004

Morris Hirshfield
Tiger, 1940

Brooklyn Bridge

Trift store in Williamsburg

Chrysler through a hole

Times Square Hello Kitty

Grand Central and Chrysler

On the way to Beacon

I love the Chrysler Building

My very own diner. I can retire now.


More photos to follow shortly.


Buttons and Bows said...

These are awesome, I especially like the ones of the train tracks (the colours!) and the dinosaur skeleton one that's sort of twisted. Are you going to do a colour thing with some of these, the way you did earlier? That would be so damn cool. Also, congrats on the diner! :P

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