Friday, 29 August 2008

College work - 3d and expressive drawing

These were done ages ago, but I've only just gotten around to doing something with the jpegs.
Its only a taster of the stuff I was doing at the time.

This was me trying to create unattainable space. The image looks almost like you could sit in it, but it is at the same time obviously very small.

Again, unattainable space. I made long thin tubes from masking tape. When looked down it seemed like a never ending tunnel. I wanted to walk down it. But maybe I'm quite sad.

Here I'm trying to make the unattainable space attainable. I photographed and photocopied a ton of tiny spaces I'd created, then inserted a tiny person in them, exploring.

Don't play with knives kids.

Craft knife casualties from the 3D project= 2

On to the Expressive drawing project. This is the god awful contraption I had to wield otherwise I wasn't allowed to draw.
It's bamboo, junk and hurts when you inevitably hit yourself in the face in the flourishes of mark making

Garlic. Lots of garlic. And Ink.

My feet appear in the image in order to give a sense of scale.

Garlic created from a washing tablet netting bag attached to the bamboo hell stick and dipped in ink.

I just had so much work from this project - look, look at the pretty montage.

If any of my tutors are reading: I do make notes - I promise

The slightly blurred pages of my notebook from lectures. My scanner was bust and I started taking pictures of art work instead (not advised) and eventually I ended up taking these random pages from my 'notes'.

Obviously a rich and fulfilling lecture. Not at all patronising and squeaky. And I was absolutely not thinking about Akira.

Lecturer in stasis. And Man Rays 'Gift'

Notes from a Michele Safe book. I love this house hence, the pen reproduction.

The interesting lecturer having to be quiet while the other faculty members bitch on about lateness and deadlines.