Thursday, 27 October 2011

Studio work Oct 2011


I've started to put my work onto T-shirts, not as a money making venture but in an attempt to distribute my images into a non-fine art realm.


Action shot of Birdface T-shirt in Korea

crap screenshot
 (just click the t-shirts link for a better look)

Box of goodies - T-shirts and coasters for x-mas fair

Korean Exhibiton

1 Month in Korea 15 Sept - 18 Oct 2011

Seoul - a view from Seoul N-Tower

Seorak mountains

Changing of the guard at Deoksugung Palace 

Garfield in Hongdae

Wall hanging in Dongdaemun flea market

Dongdaemun flea market

Korean Barbeque in Anseong

Bus travel

Outside Korea National Museum

Inside Korea National Museum

The Department of Painting in Chung Ang University in
the Anseong campus... 

...or should I say 'art of pain'

More museum pieces

A stone dragon inside the grounds of Deoksugung  Palace

Padlocks that symbolise eternal love at Seoul N-Tower 

The Tower itself

Supported trees in the Central Bus station

Street food!

Outside the sculpture department at Chung Ang

lost rabbit  

Unreal Hill

In Anguk

Repainting a church in Bukchon near Anguk

Workshop in Bukchon

Part of the school festival at Chung Ang

Korean rendition of Grease in the festival

More Bukchon

Wild boars crossing a river in Seorak mountains

Buddhist carvings at the temple in Seorak Mountains