Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Builders, Sullivan and Flint. (Invigilating)

Just got back from NYC (pictures to follow in a future post). The week before I did some invigilating at One Thoresby Street for a piece of video work by Christine Sullivan and Rob Flint. The work is titled 'The Builders' - features a man (Phil Minton) wandering round the empty storage tanks that neighbour the Tate's Turbine Hall, and convulsing and making animalistic sounds. It's an engaging film, that 'loops' a few times before you realise that each loop sequence is subtly different. The screams echo in the attic space where it is displayed and put me on edge until I got used to it. The only downside to the work, I felt, was the female voice over that comes in sometimes and whispers- it made the video feel cheap and cliched for a moment. Echoey whispers annoy me in film anyway; it feels like a tacky attempt to make something sound meaningful or mysterious. 'The Builders' didn't need it; it's powerful enough without it.

Anyway after 4 or so hours of sitting in the space on a slow Friday, I started to muck about and have a visual conversation with the film. I made some videos, but I'm not overly pleased with them, however the screen grabs look pretty cool.


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