Saturday, 12 June 2010

Displaying work: Slides

I was really excited by the slides as objects in themselves; they had so many different ways of being displayed.

Ideally I wanted them to picked up and rifled through - to be viewed as 3 dimensional objects.

More Slides


The comic book idea got altered drastically when I found a batch of discarded slides in a bin. I started drawing elements of the book onto acetate and framing them within the slides.

I had been struggling with the comic book up until I found the slides. I was making the images to obvious in relation to the text. The slides allowed me to play more and as objects had much more potential than paper pages. I tried them out in a projector, but most of them looked scabby and clumsy. The only one that worked was the repeated squares that echoed the graph paper. I want to look at the enlarging and use of light with the slides in the near future.