Thursday, 18 March 2010

Paper cut outs: envelopes

paper skeleton

puppet boy and skeleton... a forest sprite.

Uni work: Playing with salt

First piece of work I made at uni. It is supposed to loop. The phrase is based off of email correspondences I'd had with my family.

The phrase says 'I don't know if I'll get used to having to be told these things instead of experiencing them alongside you all'

back catalogue: birdsnest

This was originally projected on a loop onto a dissected white collar shirt.
I'll upload some photos of the installation piece when I find my other external hard drive.

back catalogue: terracotta army

Long time no post - Here's a back catalogue of work from the last year of art college.

This is clay face that's based off of the Jacob Kramer painting Hear Our Voice, O Lord Our God’ (1919) that is based in the Leeds City Art Gallery.

A1 pencil study of the painting.

Clay models based - deciding on scale and detail.

And the terracotta army begins...

'1919' (2008)
32 terracotta ladies on plinth.

The blurb I wrote to go with the the piece read: "Jacob Kramer’s evocative painting ‘Hear Our Voice, O Lord Our God’ (1919) was the basis of this piece. I experimented with the idea of bringing the elderly woman in the painting into three dimensions. I wanted to make her tangible. In the original she can be seen as an individual experiencing loss and suffering. By creating many forms I hope to have intensified the emotion and discovered an expression of collective suffering rather than the individual, the public rather than private."