Monday, 21 March 2011

Show and Text 2011

In progress:

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Show and Text set up:


I work primarily with drawing, painting and text. Using influences drawn from; literature, cinema, the visual arts, graphic novels and philosophy, I create dreamlike sequences. Drawings allow me to work quickly and freely. My relationship to drawing is such that I can work without preciousness and thus quickly refine the imagery I’m using.

The imagery I use is fantastical. I use the term fantastical, in relation to the genre attached to Angela Carter’s writing; Fantastical Realism. This genre uses dream logic and fairytale imagery juxtaposed with recognisable or daily events, in order to explore and expose a deeper truth. Similarly I use a combination of text and image in an attempt to explore my own relationship with the world and the truths presented to me.

I like to work with sequences in order to generate a narrative and a dialogue between images. The raw/handmade look of the work helps keep it ‘alive’; thus leaving it open to interrogation.

Not the best Artists Statement, but the work went down well.


Buttons and Bows said...

Hey, it was an artist statement I could understand and relate to (You like Angela Carter too?) so I think it was a pretty sweet one. Clarity of purpose = a good thing.
Understanding of your own process = awesome.

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