Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Rough Art Book Pages

Working on a collaborative Art Book with some peers. Here are some rough pages I worked up:

Potential panel for the Circus comic, turned
into a stand alone page

Quote from David Foster Wallace's Brief Interviews with
Hideous Men

Colour version

Same quote different image

Colour version

Quote from Richard Brautigan's
The Abortion

'Colour' version

More here:


Buttons and Bows said...

I like the pictures you take - they're so bleak, in a way, but there's still a loveliness to them. Were these taken with a special lens or colour filter, or are we talking photoshop here? The contrast between the black and white and colour versions works really well - but I can't actually see the difference between the last two/ the colour in the first one. What am I missing/not grasping here?

Rub7 said...

I guess the bleakness comes from the old photographs. They're from the 70s I think.
The last two are an original and a photocopy of a black and white photograph.

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