Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Mid Point pages and more

Still struggling with the style to go with.


Buttons and Bows said...

This looks like it could be really damn good stuff! I just have one niggle - the frame where the ring master says, "We're the greatest show on earth*" and the other guy says "*TM". Because we read from left to right, the order of the bubbles messes up the flow of the reading experience; if you could flip the frame or move the other characters or the bubbles, and put the Ring Master's bubble above the other character's bubble, that would make it a smoother frame to read.
Also, punctuation - I've noticed a lot of artists like to leave out the punctuation at the end of a chunk of speech in a bubble because it's a continuous sound (?) or because putting it there feels artificial to them. But to me personally, it's a bit jarring. Would you consider trying putting the punctuation and seeing how that feels?

Rub7 said...

Yeah, the TM was an afterthought - and it's obvious (oops)
If i'm continuing the narrative as a comic then I'll put in the punctuation, but i think if I end up drawing the panels as individual pieces then I'll leave it out (but only if it's more aesthetically pleasing to do so)

Buttons and Bows said...

That makes sense, to consider it in terms of what is visually attractive - I think our different perspective comes from me having an audio/word based way of thinking, whereas yours seems to be more visual/picture-based, like most artists I know. "It looks right" vs. "It sounds off".

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