Saturday, 27 November 2010


I've scanned in the completed comic and uploaded here:

Let me know if there are any spelling mistakes - I was inputting the text late last night.


Buttons and Bows said...

Hey there - sorry I didn't have the wherewithal to sit down and write a proper comment on your comic before (nor did I have a blog, wich is apparently necessary to make comments on other blogs? like a catch22) but now my braincells are finally in alignment.

I love it, obviously. I love how the story is so multi-layered, without apologising for that, or trying to explain the circumstances or characters - it really reminds me of a Beckett play, actually. Reading it is like having one of those strange but meaningful dreams. Every time I read it, I discover something new - like how incredibly sweet and naive the skeleton really is. I never thought anyone could give depth and body-language and, well, sweetness to a skeleton, but you sure did. Favourite frame ever must be the embarrassed skeleton rubbing its/his hands. And the way you combine the philosophy with the cartoon humour - another favourite bit is the "take man - or woman" bit on page 5. The image that really stays with me is the cosmonaut literally drowning in her own tears. (Thanks for having them save her, by the way. I thought for sure she was going to die the first time I read it, so that made me happy.)

The only thing I've been wondering about, is why did you redo the pages with typed bubbles? I thought the hand-lettered bubbles added that extra level of craftmanship to it, and pre-made fonts can easily look harsh against the soft/organic/"word I have yet to learn" flow of your lines here. That said, I think the use of different fonts for each speaker works very well - especially the skeleton's font (Death, anyone?) - but I'm not crazy about the puppet boy's font, because I feel that the font's complex look/fiddly sticky-on bits was distracting me from what he was actually saying. (I do love him though, cynical little shit that he is.)

Um, yeah, so that's my five pence worth. :)

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