Friday, 7 May 2010

A4 exhibit

A fellow student, Bobby Sayers curated a small exhibition entitled 'A4 Exhibition' and asked me to be a part of it. The brief was: we had one hour, one sheet of A4 printing paper and we couldn't add or subtract anything from the paper (e.g. no ink, spit and we had to include all of the paper in the piece of work).
Happily, what I made followed on nicely from my piece 'Futility' and actually ended up forming the start of a more focused practice.

This is me mid-creation. My plan was to fill the A4 sheet with as many pin-pricks as I could within the hour. I filled the whole top left hand corner, but unfortunately the cleaners destroyed the original piece.

Rule based work - love it.

This was around
the time I realised I was
enjoying processed based work, using rules to myself through repetitive tasks. I made another version of the A4 exhibit piece, this time filling the whole sheet. It took about a week at a relaxed working pace.

Here the piece is almost complete - there's about an hour of work left to do.


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