Thursday, 18 March 2010

back catalogue: terracotta army

Long time no post - Here's a back catalogue of work from the last year of art college.

This is clay face that's based off of the Jacob Kramer painting Hear Our Voice, O Lord Our God’ (1919) that is based in the Leeds City Art Gallery.

A1 pencil study of the painting.

Clay models based - deciding on scale and detail.

And the terracotta army begins...

'1919' (2008)
32 terracotta ladies on plinth.

The blurb I wrote to go with the the piece read: "Jacob Kramer’s evocative painting ‘Hear Our Voice, O Lord Our God’ (1919) was the basis of this piece. I experimented with the idea of bringing the elderly woman in the painting into three dimensions. I wanted to make her tangible. In the original she can be seen as an individual experiencing loss and suffering. By creating many forms I hope to have intensified the emotion and discovered an expression of collective suffering rather than the individual, the public rather than private."


Ray said...

I love this painting and your clay work looks fabulous too!

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